March 30, 2013

Tomato Time

I am very behind in posting this, but tomatoes are planted and seeds are germinating ... they were planted 7 weeks before our estimated frost-free date of May 9th, and on traditional tomato planting day. My great-grandmother started tomato seeds on March 15th (so I’m told), my grandmother starts her tomato seeds on March 15th (as do her friends), and in the years when my mother starts tomatoes, she does so on March 15th. Who am I to go against tradition? So there it was, March 15th, and it was Tomato Time. I received a phone call from my grandmother later that night just to make sure that I was on track!

This year, I am focusing mainly on the yellow – gold – orange family of tomatoes, including several paste tomatoes as well. Growing as many of these colours as I have space for, to try to narrow down which are our favourite varieties for the future.

The seeds are sown, the dice is cast, the varieties are as follows:
Jaune Flamee
Summer Cider
Coastal Pride Orange
Hawaiian Pineapple
Amana Orange
Kellog’s Breakfast
Calli Orange
Woodle Orange
Earl of Edgecombe
Cherokee Gold
Brandywine Yellow
Livingston’s Golden Queen
Dr. Wyche
Aunt Gertie’s Gold
Orange Strawberry
Orange Minsk

Pirkstine Orange
Cuore di Bue
Lurley’s Paste

Along with the tomatoes, it is also the time to sow the annual summer herbs like Basil, Dill, Cilantro, and Summer Savory. I chose Corsican Basil, Slo-Bolt Cilantro, Dill Dukat, and Summer Savory seeds that I received in a trade from someone. Looking forward to trying all the new varieties.

No photos yet, but once they are start sprouting and growing, I’ll post a couple. Hope everyone else got a good start on their tomato seeds by now!

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